Whitney Wiet Salon
WhitneyWietSalon Madison Wisconsin

Whitney Wiet Salon

Madison, Wisconsin

established 2010


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New hair, new lease on life

Whitney knows how impactful a new haircut or color can be. It's part of the face you put out into the world, and you deserve to be confident & proud of the countless impressions you make during the day. 

If you thought incredible, trend-setting color & innovative hair cuts were reserved for the fashion-hubs on the coasts, then you've come to the right place. Look not further than Whitney Wiet's chair in Madison.

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interested in hair extensions?

Whitney is one of the few stylists in Madison that is certified, trained, and able to offer exquisite hair extensions. The kinds you thought were reserved for celebrities and models. Spoiler alert: everyone is using hair extensions now! And Whitney makes these extensions affordable and manageable. 

Learn more about her hair extension products, and schedule a consult. 

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